Issue No. 1: SEPT. 2018

Hello everyone!

As promised, here is our inaugural issue: Turnpike Issue No. 1

We are so excited for you all to see this exciting work! Please let us know what you think.

Author/Poet/Artist Bios:

  • Gail Bello is a former co-editor of the online literary magazine The River and placed third in the 2018 Plunkett Poetry Festival contest. She writes fiction, poetry and plays, and her work has been published in The Sandy River Review, the Feminist literary magazine Ripple, Water Soup, Collective Unrest Magazine and Bonnie’s Crew. She is thrilled and honored to be published in Turnpike.
  • Jessica Levine is an English creative writing major at Western Kentucky University.  She currently resides in Tennessee and works as a waitress in Nashville.
  • M.C. Montague is currently a Junior studying video production at Ball State University. They enjoy writing poetry and looking at birds.
  • KEYA ACHARYA is a queer, multi-racial, Desi, and visually impaired spoken word poet. She’s a student at Sarah Lawrence College who facilitates poetry workshops at a jail in New York. She dreams of continuing to revolutionize the American criminal justice system.
  • Katy Newton is a multimedia artist who specializes in social programming through the arts. Her favorite form of art is using the process of fashion ensemble making and creative photography as a form of self expression and empowerment. Katy is also the art director of Pan Narrans Artistry, a RUCKUS Maker and a a grad student at Herron. Additionally, she operate a store within City Market in Indianapolis that prioritizes art and goods made by local, low-income, underrepresented artists. The store is called Inner City Artists Collective. Check it out if you’re ever downtown!
  • Jiminy Crunket is a writer looking to find his niche in the world.  From spoken word poetry to typical prose, he searches for his true calling, waiting for his epiphany.
  • Will Long is a graphic artist and writer. He is currently working on a chapbook, writing poems about his own experience with depression and toxic masculinity.
  • Rachel Haywood is a senior undergrad studying Creative Writing at Ball State University. Her first publication appears in Essay Daily. She lives in Fort Wayne, IN with her family and beloved dog.
  • Mason Pippenger is from a small amish town, and usually spends his days drinking too much coffee and trying to overcome his existential dread.
  • Haley Hope Gillilan is a grad student at University of Missouri with goals to be a public librarian. Originally from Kansas City, she has a bachelor’s degree in English and Film Studies from Ball State University.
  • Griffith Charles Williams is a puppeteer, but you can’t watch them in a magazine, so he submitted something else entirely.
  • H L Rose is 20-year-old college student who grew up on the East side of the United States. She takes classes online and spends her free time packing up and moving on to the next place.
  • Curtis Lyon has been writing stories since he was 8 years old. Most days, he can be found sitting in his hole, staring at his laptop.
  • Alex Castillo is a 19 year old sophomore at Ball State University, studying Creative writing. She spends most of her free time writing and updating her blog.
  • Preston Radtke and his seeing-eye dog, Burton, work for Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Along with writing, his passions include traveling, blowing money on vinyl and overeating. Follow him on twitter (@notnotpreston), but be warned though – 99% of his Tweets consist of stories of his chess fails, quoting cheesy Indie Pop songs and complaining about the Cubs.
  • Celina Timmerman is beginning a new collage series that discusses how humans have animalistic tendencies. We attack others whose views or lifestyles differ from our own, we attack others who are different than us both physically and emotionally. This series will discuss a variety of different topics, the first one was inspired by pride month. Love is Love.
  • Dakota Clark is an aspiring film maker who occasionally finds some clever words.
  • Rosie Gailor is a writer and editor based in London. She’s had her fiction writing featured in Anomaly Lit, Noble/Gas Qtrly and Riding Light Review, and was most recently published in Unthology 9. Her evenings are usually spent with Roald Dahl and Tennessee Williams, as well as occasional reunions with Ellie Satler in Jurassic Park. You can find her on Twitter at @RosieBMG.
  • None of your damn business is exactly that – none of your goddamn business. With a formal education in the tech field, writing and art is an outlet for self-expression and emotion for this author. The five-part series published in the exquisite Turnpike Magazine is their first published work. Enjoy, bitches.
  • Lane Carey is an aspiring poet, looking to share her experiences and love with the world.

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